@ The Minokamo City Council of Social Welfare (hereinafter referred to asgCouncil of Social Welfareh) is a private social welfare organization which was established as angOrganization aiming at the enhancement of community welfarehpursuant to the Social Welfare Law.
The Council of Social Welfare has been working with citizens, volunteers, welfare institutions, companies, the local government, and other organizations on community welfare initiatives, such as the promotion of assistance for elderly or otherwise challenged citizens, and those within the community in need of assistance.
Financial support for the activities and initiatives performed by the Council of Social Welfare is provided mainly from citizens' membership fees and donations.


Our main activities


Network activities
in small communities
We promote the continued support of citizens who need extra assistance living in small communities, and coordinate with social and welfare workers to find those in need of welfare services at an early date.
@ Promotion of volunteer activities
We offer consultation and assistance relating to volunteer initiatives, support various seminars and activities, and provide training for volunteers.

Transfer service of
personal care attendants
We place care attendants into the homes of the elderly, and physically or mentally challenged children in order to provide them with services such as physical care, housekeeping assistance, and other basic support.
@ Consulting service
Counseling on legal matters, marriage, nursing care, and other issues is provided by our lawyers.

Welfare education activities
We support welfare education offered in elementary, junior high, and senior high schools.
@ Rental services of
welfare apparatus
We rent out welfare items such as wheelchairs, nursing care beds, etc., to citizens who need them temporarily due to disease or injury.

Rental service of
lift-equipped vehicles
We rent out lift-equipped vehicles to elderly citizens who are confined to bed and don't have many opportunities to go out so that they can use them to go on errands, visit the hospital, or even take trips.
@ Welfare finance services
We offer loans to elderly citizens, families with challenged members, and those who are in financial need to help them achieve economic independence and to encourage them to live a more active life.

Health promotion activities
We offer health promotion activities, such as Tai chi, yoga, music therapy, and other activities to improve the health and wellness of elderly citizens.
@ Support activities for
self-reliance on daily life
We provide assistance to elderly citizens with dementia, citizens who are mentally or physically challenged, and other challenged citizens on the usage of welfare services and also with their daily money management.

For inquiries and applications, please contact:
Minokamo City Council of Social Welfare
Tel: 0574-28-6111
We are located in gSukoyaka Town Minokamo (a comprehensive welfare hall),h
3-4-1 Shinfike-cho, Minokamo City.